Synthetic magnesium aluminometasilicate (MAS) 鋁矽酸鎂
  • Oil adsorption of poorly water-soluble actives
  • Improves tablet and powder capsule quality
  • Compact tablets with relevant hardness
  • Excellent carrier for solid dispersion
Neusilin Technical Data Sheet 



Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous (DCPA) 無水磷酸氫鈣

  • For direct compression
  • Exceptional flow and compression characteristics while maintaining the ability for rapid disintegration
  • Multi-functional spherical highly porous particles
  • Mask bitter-tasting actives
  • Improves tablet ability
Fujicalin Technical Data Sheet


D-Mannitol+Xylitol+MCC+Crospovidone 甘露醇+木醣醇+微晶纖維素+交聯聚維酮

Type C is a proprietary formulation of carbohydrates, disintegrants, and inorganic ingredients, designed as a premix for oral disintegrating tablets (ODTs)

  • Ready to use excipient for ODTs
  • Oral disintegration time less than 30 seconds
  • A spherical particle with high flowability
  • Directly compressible
  • High API loading is possible
  • Tablet hardness of more than 50N is possible
  • Pleasant mouthfeel
  • Easy handling and storage of ODTs with low friability
  • No special equipment is required for tableting
F-Melt Technical Data Sheet



The Next Generation of Porous Silica 二氧化矽
  • Very high adsorption capability
  • Turn your oily actives into a free-flowing powder
  • Multi-functional spherical highly porous particles
  • Mask bitter-tasting actives
  • Improves tablet ability
  • Carrier for solid dispersions
  • Moisture protection 
FujiSil Technical Data Sheet


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化學名 藥典收錄 英商品名Applications用途/規格製造商包裝規格CAS
D-Mannitol, Xylitol, MCC, Crospovidone, FujicalinF-Melt Type C直打、充填賦形劑Fuji Chemical
D-Mannitol, Xylitol, MCC, Crospovidone, NeusilinF-Melt Type M直打、充填賦形劑Fuji Chemical
Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous 無水磷酸鈣 Fujicalin硬度高流動性好、吸油能力強、可做口腔研磨顆粒或去角質產品,也可做彩妝硬度高之產品控油或去角質顆粒 適量Fuji Chemical
Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, AnhydrousFujicalin(SG)直打、充填賦形劑Fuji Chemical20Kg
Silicon dioxideFujiSil™Fuji Chemical
Magnesium AluminometasilicateNeusilin S1APIFuji Chemical10Kg
Magnesium AluminometasilicateNeusilin S2APIFuji Chemical10Kg
Magnesium Aluminometasilicate
Neusilin UFL2多孔性粉末狀,表面積大,吸油能力300%,適合做控油保養品或彩妝品,吸附多餘油脂藥品抗結劑、潤滑劑 控油或去角質顆粒 適量Fuji Chemical
Magnesium AluminometasilicateNeusilin US2抗結劑、潤滑劑Fuji Chemical10Kg
TocotrienolTocotrienol R40生育三烯酚Fuji Chemical1Kg
TocoTrol R40油溶性天然維生素E,萃取自米糠油,富含豐富Tocotrienol,比Vitamin E Acetate抗氧化力強60倍抗氧化、抗皺、美白、生髮成分 0.05 - 0.1%Fuji Chemical

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